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At the TREE OF LIFE CENTER we prove that women and couples deserve and can expect state-of-the-art fertility and gynecology care in a nurturing and caring environment. We provide high-tech and leading fertility care, treating the most basic to the most complex fertility difficulties.

Dr. Ben-Ozer’s pregnancy success ranks among the highest nationally and she is considered a leader in her field. She attributes this success to her outstanding education and training, over eight years of clinical expertise and a true compassion for her patients. Experts in their respective fields who share a similar philosophy support Dr. Ben-Ozer when needed. Among these are embryologists, andrologists, reproductive urologists and Eastern-medicine health professionals.

Dr. Ben-Ozer is recognized for successfully completing the highest level of training in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI) and is Board-certified in both Obstetrics & Gynecology and REI. With her unique combination of knowledge, expertise and compassion, Dr. Ben-Ozer and her patients together can explore and utilize the full continuum of medical and surgical therapies available in the United States. In addition to an extensive fertility program, TLC offers specialized gynecologic care from adolescence to menopause.

We empathize with the emotional, anxiety provoking and occasionally depressing nature of the fertility quest. The root of our Mission is our desire to make your fertility adventure as stress-free, informative and easy as possible. Dr. Ben-Ozer and the TLC team of highly trained and compassionate nursing, front office and finance staff are committed to this goal through the entire process. We are considerate of our patients’ needs, personal preferences, ethical and religious beliefs. We welcome patients living abroad or out-of-state, and non-traditional families to the TREE OF LIFE CENTER.

With warm wishes of TLC and Success in Planting the Seeds of Life,

Dr. Ben-Ozer and the TLC Staff


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