"We cannot thank you enough for all of your help these past months. You and your staff made us feel as ease every step of this journey. From day one, your warm professional and personal attention made us feel completely comfortable in your hands. You are forever written on this chapter of our family’s history. We look forward to waddling into your office and sharing our progress!"

- E.M. & E.M.

"I can’t thank you enough for your expertise and heartfelt desire to make this dream come true. You are truly a heads above the rest and much more than a doctor."


"We cannot thank Dr. Ben-Ozer or the staff of TLC enough for all their love, guidance, support and professional services. My husband Guy and I would simply not have our three beautiful precious children we do now had it not been for our beloved Dr. Snunit Ben-Ozer! Frightened that we would never be able to have a family, Dr. Ben-Ozer and the Tree of Life Center helped us find our way through the infertility issues with our son Nicholas who was born via In-vitro Fertilization and then again with our twin girls Sabrina and Sierra born with a Surrogate Mother. Struggling with infertility is so very hard physically and emotionally. It's by far one of the toughest challenges you will ever face and Snunit Ben-Ozer was there to hold our hand and helped us come out the other end with our wonderful family! We love you all!"

- Cindy Margolis and family

"Thank you to you and your staff for taking such good care of all of us. We could not have done any of this without your guidance and support, not to mention your medical know-how!! You made us feel comfortable and positive the whole way and you will always be a part of our family"

- F.A.

"We are so excited to become parents, and just wanted to thank you so very much for all have done."

- S&A

"…Thank you for your care and attention. I’ll be stopping by to show you my growing belly!"

- S.J.

"Thanks so much for all your hard work, expertise, support and making our dream come true."

- D.L. & M.L.

"My wife and I initially attempted pregnancy with the help of a well known Beverly Hills doctor. His clinic was overcrowded with patients, the wait times were ridiculous, and the treatment was cold, insensitive, and even humiliating at times in dealing with such a private and sensitive issue. To even speak to the doctor was a rare and hurried event. After 3 failed attempts with his procedures, we heard about Dr. Ben-Ozer from a respected doctor we knew.

At our first consultation we were impressed with her kind and gentle demeanor, and her expertise was evident from her concise explanations of our treatment options. We immediately decided to proceed with her. Her hands on approach was certainly different from our previous experience. She doesn't hand you off to other assistants for procedures, but does them personally. Her office is quiet and comfortable, and we were always put at ease with an office visit. After several weeks, we had a pregnancy that has produced our precious son, Tommy, who is the joy of our lives. We still talk with Dr. Ben-Ozer regularly, who, by the way, is very good with a telephone as well. Thank you, Dr. Snunit Ben-Ozer! "

- Tom & Mei Kelly

"We are blessed to have our two boys, thanks to you."

- C.Y. & L.Y.

"… You gave us our greatest treasures."

- J.C. & C.C.

"Dr. Ben-Ozer was extremely helpful in explaining all of our options and guiding us on a path to successful conception. As this was a very emotional and confusing time for us she made us feel completely comfortable and was with us throughout the process."

- Jay & Sandy Rogers

" I am having a great pregnancy and want to thank you for your support, guidance, and great transfer!"

- C.K.

"Thanks to your help we now have our family complete…Your warmth & kindness is what we will always remember. We can’t thank you enough"

- G&J

"Thank you so much for helping bring my two beautiful daughters into the world. I wouldn’t have this wonderful family without you. Your thoughtful, caring approach to my particular infertility situation, your intelligence, knowledge and expertise, and encouragement made the difference after I had tried other highly established fertility experts. We feel so lucky to have found you Snunit – love Katherine Rephan Bernstein, Isabella Rose Bernstein, and their mommy."

– Sarah Bernstein.

"Thank you so much for everything you have all done to make our little miracle baby a reality!"


"Thank you for your kindness, encouragement and fantastic work. We appreciate everything you have done to help our dreams come true"

- L. K. & S.K.

"We thank you especially for taking your work to a personal level… We love how you get just as excited to see the baby’s heartbeat, the baby move and grow. Thank you."

- G.S. & M.S.

"Thank you for helping me achieve my biggest dream. She is the light of everyday. After all the miscarriages and worry is is so wonderful to have such joy every single day… I thank God that you were here to help us."

- L.D.

"You made it possible for us when no one else could. Thank you for your help!"

- J.A. & D.A.



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